Hospital List


If your baby is born in Providence Park Novi Hospital, at the time of delivery notify the nurse that you have picked one of our pediatricians as your baby's PCP (primary care physician) and they will notify us immediately. One of our daily rounding pediatricians will meet your family and see your baby within 24hrs.

If your baby is born at any other hospital, a staff pediatrician will see and discharge your baby. Following discharge it is very important that your newborn is seen within 48 - 72hrs in our office as newborn babies can have jaundice, weightloss which require immediate attention.

Pediatric Patients

If a child from your family requires hospitalization, we admit our patients at:

Your child will be admitted in the Pediatric floor under the care of the Pediatric Hospitalist in that respective hospital. We do not routinely round on the pediatric floor but you can call our office and talk to one of our doctors at any time during your stay. Upon discharge from the hospital it is required to be followed in the office within 48hrs.

After the admission, please follow your insurance company requirements to reduce your risk of payment problems.

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